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Common Problem:

Firstly, high-speed handpiece and low-speed handpiece maintenance:

Dental handpiece according to the use of different ways of bearing, divided into ball bearing and air bearing two categories.Ball bearings in high speed handpiece mainly consists of head, handle, adapter and other accessories.

1, Head of internal structure

Vortex core is the head of the rotor core component, which consists of bearings, wheel and shaft combinations, and inside the nose, and two miniature bearings, O-type rubber bearing pad to keep the radial and axial concentricity of the needle during high speed rotation and to reduce operating noise and reduce vibration.

2,The grip of the way

There are many ways to hold the needle in the head, and the early use of the reed needle, that is, the core has three evenly divided bow reed. Needle handle inserted into the reed, the reed force deformation, clamping needle handle.Now using the screws and press the needle clamp, which has an elastic three-flap folders within the clamping sleeve spring, a hammer-shaped clamp spring, opened with three axial Groove, use a square wrench or pressing the spring, opening or locking clamp spring clamp needle.

3,Spray structure

Turbine handpiece tail water pipes and trachea, water and gas in the nose of the mouth of the mixture, was spray from the spray hole spray.

4,Handpiece connector

The handpiece connector is the connection between the handpiece and the host output hose, the main force airflow and the atomizing airflow which drives the rotation of the handpiece wind wheel, respectively, through the pipeline into the main air hole of the handpiece joint, the bearing hole and the water hole through the handpiece. There are two ways to connect the handpiece and the its connector: one is the handpiece connector with a fixed lock nut, the other is with a quick connector.

Second, the dental handpiece does not rotate or slow speed:

The emergence of such problems can be dealt with from these four aspects.

1,Handpiece head deformation of collisions, falls, set the wheel in motion resistance, just use the right tool for their rehabilitation, can make wind turbine operational flexibility.

2,The bearing lack of oil lubrication, handpiece lubricants can be lubricated.

3,Bearing damage, as long as the replacement of the same type of bearing can be.

4,Low pressure, less than 2. 0-2. 5kgf / cm2, adjust the air pressure, so that the pressure stabilized at 2. 0-2.5kgf / cm2, the speed will return to normal.

Third, dental handpiece bur is easy to fall off:

Dental diamond bur is too loose, easy to fall off from the following four aspects to start processing. 

1,Select the dental diamond bur, you must confirm the provisions of the car manufacturers to allow the speed range, or when the cutting load is greater than the clamping force when the chuck easily fall off.

2,The mini-head should use a short dental diamond bur, easy to fall when the handle with a long handle.

3,Can not use the wear and tear of the narrow dental diamond burs, curved bur, the lack of bur, otherwise it will affect the durability of the bearing.

4,The bur must be installed before treatment, confirmed that has been installed firmly, if not inserted into the depths, plug too shallow, will cause the risk of bur flying out. 

Fourth, dental handpiece water is not smooth

Poor water flow is common problem on dental handpiece, pneumatic high-speed dental handpiece or curved dental handpiece flow is poor, such as the lack of water supply, water supply is not uniform, not mist, or no water and other phenomenon, generally have the following four reasons. Firstly, you should check the following points and check water blockage.

1,The pipeline: the handpiece removed, check from the pipeline whether the amount of water outflows. If there is no water outflow, it may be water pipe or integrated treatment station water supply system problems (poor or erroneous operation, as well as water shortage of water).

2,The interface: the interface connection wire test run. If there is no outflow of water, it indicates that the interface is the problem (scale and other plug the water supply system or interface loosening, resulting in insufficient pressure)

3,The handpiece body : after remove shaft from the turbine, fitted with interface operation.If there is no outflow amount of water, is the issue of turbine body (water holes have dirt clogging or blockage of water supply system in the turbine).

4,The axis: If the above three water supply out of normal, it is the axis of the problem (water nozzle blockage).


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