Guangdong JINME Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which is committed to the production and sale of dental high & low speed handpieces & dental chairs.

Our company established in Foshan since 2009.About 150 professional staffs in 7 production lines to producing .Imported 50pcs machines and automatic machine from Japan ,Switzerland and Taiwan and all of our products must passed 18 detection procedure at lease by 22 technology specialists and quality inspectors.What more, 10% of annual sales will be spent on R & D investment that can accept ODM&OEM service also.150.000 dentists using our handpieces in Asia,Mid-East,Europe,Africa,North and South America.Nowadays, APPLEDENTAL already have more than 18 exclusive agents all around the world and still looking for more agents to do the business together.
Our handpieces have high precision, good quality, wide varieties and competitive price. Considering different requirements on price, we can do our best to provide what clients need. We believe our product quality will be better with our continuous efforts.

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Our Products

Our handpieces have high precision, good quality, wide...Read More
  • Basic configuration
  • Apple dental chair A009
  • Item No:A-12
  • Economic section
APPLEDENTAL Dental High Speed Turbine Handpiece
Professional manufacturering  of turbine...Read More
  • Never ever damaged LED
  • 45° Surgical handpiece
  • ME-TU-M4/B2
  • J2-SU-M4/B2
APPLEDENTAL Dental Low Speed Turbine Handpiece
Professional manufacturer of produing high-speed and...Read More
  • GREEN-L-M4/B2
  • UP-CA 1:1
  • Color low speed  handpiece_01
  • Contra angle 20:1
APPLEDENTAL Introral camera
Our handpieces have high precision, good quality, wide...Read More
  • Introral  camera


  • High performance-price ratio productHigh performance-price ratio product
  • Flexible cooperation (ODM/OEM)Flexible cooperation (ODM/OEM)
  • Quick response for delivery dateQuick response for delivery date
  • Strong manufacture abilityStrong manufacture ability
  • Dental chair / Iintraoral cameraDental chair / Iintraoral camera
  • Brand reputationFocus on trademark reputation


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