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Venue: Mozambique Conference Center, San Francisco, USA

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Second, 2017 the United States New York International Stomatological Exhibition GNYDM-DENTAL

Exhibition description:
New York International Dental Show is the world's largest dental dental professional dental exhibition is one of the oldest professional dental conference, has been successfully held 91 sessions. The exhibition is the largest international trade exhibition of important dental drugs and technology. Each year the world's dental dentistry representatives converge in New York, USA, show or find high levels of products and technologies, and discuss the latest developments in this area. During the exhibition there are a variety of dental education exchange, oral medicine experts and scholars will gather together to explore the latest technology and development direction.
Exhibition time: November 26, 2017 - 29 days
Organizational cycle: one session per year
Exhibition Category: Oral Exhibition
Venue: JacobK.Javits Exhibition Center, New York, USA


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